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  1. Full Service Vending
    Full Service Vending
    Custom Vending is a full service vending company with a primary focus on superior service. Fully custom selection to provide in machines including beverages, snacks, and more!
  2. Popular Healthier Brands
    Popular Healthier Brands
    Our snack machines vend only the most popular brand names in the vending industry today as well as an ever-expanding line of organic and gluten free products,
  3. State-of-the-art Vending
    State-of-the-art Vending
    Card readers will accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, as well as Smartphone apps using Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay
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We do all the work, from installing the machines to stocking them with the products you choose at no cost to your organization.
Our Company
Healthy Snacks, Beverages, & More!
Our Company mission is to go that extra mile in servicing your company with food, snacks, and beverages in a service-oriented environment. We go above and beyond the vending industry motto of "Clean, filled, and working"
  1. Clean Machines
    Clean Machines
  2. Tons Of Products
    Tons Of Products
  3. Updated Machine Technology
    Updated Machine Technology
  4. The Choice Is Yours!
    The Choice Is Yours!
Options For You!
All machines will accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bill denominations as well as being equipped with credit/debit card readers for convenient payment. 
Custom Vending also offers company-subsidized vending programs where companies pay for all or part of the purchase price of the product as a reward to productive employees